47 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Patrick Gaskin 90b5d32153
Fixed tests 3 months ago
  Patrick Gaskin 8c0bffa77d
v1: Disabled cert checking for upstream API 8 months ago
  Patrick Gaskin 6e97765599
build: Updated to Debian Buster, removed vendor 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin 553bbcadb7
v2: Fixed null being returned when no stops found for query 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin 30f25ab944
v2: Added fuzzy search to stops API 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin 7522b2355d
v2: show late time in tooltip for html departures 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin 0f17c012f5
v2: only return time late if real-time available 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin cac8373972
Added formatted late time for v2 API 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin 0252f2811a
Updated dependencies 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin 09e195a8be
Fixed tests for current data 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin 6078167922
Fixed v2 GTFS stops listing error when no stop id for some stops 1 year ago
  Patrick Gaskin d8db43430c
Removed testify dependency 1 year ago
  Patrick G f9ac127ae0
Use go modules, update to 1.12 1 year ago
  Patrick G 08b174dbdb
Fixed v2 API index base URL 1 year ago
  Patrick G c6079b6054
Updated tests to work with new schedules 1 year ago
  Patrick G 42b23f59f6
Added drone config 1 year ago
  Patrick G 155e2dd5fa
Added map 1 year ago
  Patrick G cbd2f1b04b
Added more time tests 1 year ago
  Patrick G ce957c3eb4
Added html view for departures 1 year ago
  Patrick G db56d940b4
Added caching to departures 1 year ago
  Patrick G 86588bd700
Set v2 as default api 1 year ago
  Patrick G 0b3d7edc2c
Fixed caching and cors 1 year ago
  Patrick G cce28fffd9
Added more tests for v2 1 year ago
  Patrick G d70de40b6f
Implemented nearby stops for v2 1 year ago
  Patrick G 28daff6015
Implemented most of v2 endpoints 1 year ago
  Patrick G 9051c99119
Added routes for stop to v2 1 year ago
  Patrick G c547ee86be
Improved backwards-compatibility of v2 api 1 year ago
  Patrick G 20e709406b
Improve v2 api 1 year ago
  Patrick G 7b6e0dce43
Started implementing v2 api 1 year ago
  Patrick G e753aa00b9
Fix not found handler 1 year ago
  Patrick G da5fe95d84
Support command line arguments 1 year ago
  Patrick G 6c48e8d072
Reorganized code, started v2 1 year ago
  Patrick G 7a349ba00f
Show if real-time departure 2 years ago
  Patrick G 62810287b3
Added pretty departures view 2 years ago
  Patrick G a91e0a227d
Improvements 2 years ago
  Patrick G 809ba622e8
Added date to API reponses 2 years ago
  Patrick G 7f4befa9d3
Updated README 2 years ago
  Patrick G 0d1c6fdf81
Fixed GTFS data loading 2 years ago
  Patrick G 993c90a984
Fix search 2 years ago
  Patrick G 6014032225
Make search case insensitive 2 years ago
  Patrick G b45aeb2307
Add search endpoint 2 years ago
  Patrick G ce2cde239c
Renamed In to Time 2 years ago
  Patrick G 781e64bada
Redesigned API 2 years ago
  Patrick G fbf497697b
Various fixes 2 years ago
  Patrick G 66507465dc
Added Makefile, gitignore, and updated API 2 years ago
  Patrick G 9e72d5c5b6
Updated readme 3 years ago
  Patrick G 26c7fc38d3
Added code 3 years ago